How, it’s Made!

Well, mixology experts claim that pre-batching boozy mixes is actually done to improve the taste, or create even more fabulous new mixes. This creation isn’t just about shaking up some vodka and orange and sticking it in the fridge. Caribbean Rum Fusion is created by infusing the rum and then the fruit juice, giving the quality ingredients time to marinate, macerate and develop depth and layers of flavour with complexity that simply can not be achieved or re-created on the fly.

Caribbean Rum, coconut, pineapple, orange and limes fresh or from concentrate are carefully blended, balanced and infused with a secret mix of tropical spices. Caribbean rum fusion is a bold taste of the tropics with a unique and distinctive Flavour which is guaranteed to help you rediscover your taste buds Cocktails will never taste the same again

Caribbean Rum Fusion brings a fine balance of flavours between bitter, sour and sweet. The main ingredient in this tropical fusion is rum, however you do not initially notice it’s presence and before you realise you’re asking for another glass filled with ice. One sip is just not enough, the flavours entice the taste buds to further explore the drink’s tropical roots. Blended smoothly to fly you straight through the Scottish Highlands past the beautiful Hebrides archipelago and onwards on an adventurous trip all the way back to the tropical island of St Lucia which is embedded in the heart of the Caribbean.

So have a sip and relax EVERY-TING IRIE, EVERY-TING COOL