1st August 2016
Ideal Home Exhibition 2016 - Island Slice 26

Island Slice at Ideal Home Show 2016

We had a fantastic response at the Ideal Home Show in the SECC Glasgow. The show itself was on for four days and we were there for the duration. Once again our Caribbean Rum Fusion drink sold out and we can only but thank everyone who bought from us and stopped by to take the […]
23rd May 2016
Ideal Home Show SECC Glasgow 2016

Ideal Home Show Scotland (SECC Glasgow) 27-30th May 2016

Island Slice at the Ideal Home Show Scotland (SECC Glasgow)  Ideal Home Show Scotland have invited IslandSlice to showcase Caribbean Rum Fusion within the food and drink section for all four days 27th May till 30th May. I am 95% ready. I will be there giving samples and selling bottles. Stop by say hello.  Every […]
14th May 2016
Craft Caribbean Rum Drink Scotland  01

Largs Food and Drink Festival 2016

Largs Food and Drink Festival 21st and 22nd May 2016 Largs food and drink festival is here and last minute preparations are kicking in full speed ahead. I will be taking my bottles of sunshine to the Scottish waterfront in the scenic town of Largs, where I am inviting everyone to come on down enjoy […]
13th April 2016
Caribbean-Rum-Fusion 50

Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival 2016

We had an amazing couple of days down at the Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival. Not only did we meet some cracking people from all over the world the locals were out in force to find out what all the hype was about Island Slice, Caribbean Rum Fusion! From our stall we gave away free […]
4th April 2016

Twice as Nice on Ice!!

That’s what we say – it’s Twice as Nice on Ice!! Its nice chilled but the ice helps it explode in your mouth, all the spices and fruit flavours mixed with the rum and the fusion playing on the caribbean drums – it’s a party in your mouth! Of course we promote drink aware and […]