About the Drink

The idea of storing pre-mixed drinks is not actually new. If you checked out Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide (the first of its kind, published in 1862) you may have noticed that the 19th century bartender made record of a ‘Bottled Cocktail’ – essentially a number of punch recipes specifically for bottling.

From its humble beginnings on the island beaches of St Lucia, to the filled glass in your hand. IslandSlice delivers an authentic Caribbean experience to tantalise the taste buds! The fusion of fruit, spices and rum will leave you pleasantly surprised and yearning for more. The fruit and spices combined with the rum achieve a smoothness that will compliment any evening. This drink is not described as a cocktail, it’s a Caribbean Rum Fusion! So step away from the ciders and beers for a while and have a sip of Caribbean Rum Fusion in a glass filled with ice. To my future customers, don’t let the bartenders have all the fun, impress your friends with these ready-mixed marvels from IslandSlice.

IslandSlice’s logo celebrates the history of the drink from its birth in St Lucia to the blue and white which present Scotland. Ice is highlighted to remind the consumer that there is never too much ice in a glass of Caribbean Rum Fusion. Now after sharing my taste of St Lucia with my new Scottish friends it’s deja vu all over again. So it’s time to share my little slice of the islands with those of you who enjoy a smooth drink to accompany you on those good times. So please enjoy while out making memories and don’t forget, IslandSlice is twice as nice on ice!