Island Slice – Caribbean Rum Fusion

There has been constant chatter about IslandSlice being the “next big thing” for the last couple of months. Trend forecasters reported in 2015 that IslandSlice is offering no shaking, no waiting and no fumbling, just pre-batched drinks served straight from bottle to a glass filled with ice.

When hosting an evening with friends and family, IslandSlice’s Caribbean Rum Fusion is brilliantly convenient. Not many people have the skill, time or ingredients to whip up one every time the mood takes them. When one is out on the town relaxing and enjoying themselves, often paying upwards of £8 for a drink, many of us expect something a bit more unique.

Whether you are a bar, restaurant or retailer, IslandSlice’s Caribbean Rum Fusion is the perfect addition to sell within your establishment. IslandSlice also guarantees a consistent experience to the consumer, as well as freeing the mixologists up to engage and converse with the customer!!