Sylvester is Island Spice

HI! I’m Sylvester

I left my home in 2000, the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Whilst on my travels, I was privileged enough to explore various countries and experience the differing cultures. The adventurer inside me enjoyed every experience but still a small part was missing, it was the flavours and taste of home. I started brewing my mum’s punch juice she made for me and my brothers and sisters as kids, altering the recipe to include rum. It brings back fond memories of good times with family and friends during long hot days in St Lucia. It’s a taste of home in a glass and makes me feel that little bit closer every time I have a drink.

Missing home was an understatement but the adventurer in me eventually led me to Germany in 2004. This is where Island Slice got it’s Caribbean Rum Fusion and was born. During my time in Germany I met Ronnie who sold a refreshing White Wine Spritzer to the American Armed Forces which he named GOGO juice. We travelled to various parts of Europe together selling GOGO juice and Caribbean Rum Fusion. We created amazing memories during these times and the Caribbean Rum Fusion was enjoyed by all because of it’s beautiful fresh tropical flavours and also the customers we supplied loved the vibrance and life we brought to a sometimes dreary, repetitive Military camp. For four years we travelled Europe putting smiles on the faces of our Military men and women.

When the adventurer in me called out yet again in 2008, I found myself joining the British Armed Forces. Whilst in the forces, my Caribbean Rum Fusion recipe often made an appearance whenever I was invited to social events or get togethers. I always made sure I carried with me a Slice of the islands to share with my fellow comrades and a batch large enough for all to enjoy. During my time in the Army I met my wife Clare who is Scottish, Scotland is where I would eventually call home.

Six years on I decided to embark on another adventure which led me to sign out of the Army and leave Germany. This adventure led me to Scotland where I wasted no time in discovering this beautiful country, falling in love with it’s adventurous charm and its many islands. Scotland does have one thing missing though and thats a slice of the Caribbean. This brings me to the present, 2016, where I would love the world to have a small slice of the Caribbean islands in the form of a time perfected recipe. So here today and for the foreseeable future, I present IslandSlice’s Caribbean Rum Fusion. A little smile, sun and happiness no matter what adventures you may seek or where you may roam, like myself.